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Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Affiliate Terms and Conditions including Network Marketing Program

1. Affiliate Compensation:

1.1. Affiliates shall be compensated based on their performance in promoting products available on, subject to a maximum commission rate of 30%.

1.2. Payment Terms: Affiliate commissions will be paid within 3 working days after a withdrawal request is made. A minimum withdrawal of RM10 is required.

1.3. Ongoing Commissions: Affiliates will earn commissions on purchases made by users referred through their affiliate link or code, regardless of when the purchase occurs after the referral.

2. Network Marketing Structure:

2.1. The Network Marketing structure extends up to four levels deep, allowing affiliates to earn commissions on sales generated by their direct referrals and subsequent levels of referrals.

2.2. Commission Rates: Commissions for each level of the Network Marketing structure are as follows:

  • Level 1: 15%
  • Level 2: 7%
  • Level 3: 5%
  • Level 4: 3%

3. Maintenance of Commissions:

3.1. If an affiliate quits the program voluntarily, their accrued commissions shall be maintained provided that the affiliate contacts Starmeg Resources through the Starmeg Contact Us page at to initiate the maintenance process.

3.2. Maintenance of commissions will be contingent upon the affiliate's adherence to the terms and conditions outlined herein.

4. Affiliate Link and Promotion:

4.1. Upon acceptance into the Affiliate Program, we will provide you with a unique affiliate link or code that identifies you as the referrer.

4.2. Affiliates can refer users through either:

  • The registration link provided by the Affiliate Program.
  • Custom product affiliate tracking URLs generated through the affiliate dashboard.

4.3. When users register or make purchases using your referral link or custom tracking URL, they will be bound to you as the referring affiliate, and you will earn commissions on their future purchases from

5. Earnings Tracking:

5.1. Affiliates will have access to their affiliate dashboard, where they can view their earnings and commission balances.

6. Prohibited Activities:

6.1. You agree not to engage in any fraudulent, deceptive, or unethical practices to generate referrals or manipulate the affiliate tracking system.

6.2. Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to, spamming, cookie stuffing, using misleading or unauthorized marketing materials, or engaging in any activity that violates applicable laws or regulations.

7. Termination:

7.1. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time with or without cause by providing written notice to the other party.

7.2. Termination will result in the forfeiture of any unpaid commissions, and you will be required to remove all affiliate links and promotional materials.

8. Modification of Terms:

8.1. Starmeg Resources reserves the right to modify these Affiliate Terms and Conditions at any time, without prior notice.

8.2. Any changes to the terms will be communicated to you via email or through our affiliate dashboard.

9. Limitation of Liability:

9.1. Starmeg Resources shall not be liable for any indirect, special, or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with your participation in the Affiliate Program.

9.2. Starmeg Resources' total liability to you for any claim arising out of these Affiliate Terms and Conditions shall not exceed the total commission paid or payable to you under this agreement.

10. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

10.1. These Affiliate Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.

10.2. Any legal action or proceeding arising out of or relating to these terms shall be exclusively brought in the courts of Malaysia.

11. Compliance and Legal Considerations:

11.1. Affiliates must adhere to all relevant laws and regulations governing Network Marketing practices in their jurisdiction, particularly in Malaysia.

11.2. Affiliate agrees to conduct all marketing activities in an ethical manner, avoiding any deceptive or misleading practices.

12. Additional Policies:

12.1. No specific training or support will be provided to Network Marketing affiliates. However, affiliates are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the products available on and marketing materials.

13. Dispute Resolution:

13.1. Any disputes or violations of the terms outlined in this Agreement shall be resolved through mediation or arbitration, conducted in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.

13.2. Both Starmeg Resources and Affiliate agree to cooperate in good faith to resolve any disputes promptly and amicably.

14. Bank Details Verification and Security:

14.1. Bank details provided by affiliates for commission payouts will be verified when the affiliate makes the first withdrawal request.

14.2. Affiliates will not be allowed to edit their bank details after verification is completed due to security reasons. Any changes to bank details must be requested by contacting the Starmeg Resources support team.

15. Miscellaneous:

15.1. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties regarding the subject matter herein and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether communicated through written or electronic means.

15.2. Amendments or modifications to this Agreement may be made through Electronic Communication, including email, provided that both parties explicitly acknowledge and agree to the changes in writing via electronic means.

By participating in the Starmeg Resources Affiliate Program, including the Network Marketing component, Affiliate acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein.